How I make extra cash online

The silent video viewer: What do I need to do to earn free money for doing basically nothing? Well, you need to sign up here. You can download Vagex’ own viewer and/or the firefox extension. Fill in your account number (easily found on the vagex home page) turn the program on and leave. That's it. I earn about $.50 a day from turning it on for about 8 hours and leaving it. Upgrading your account is possible as well. If you are on Windows 7, you can right click your volume icon, open the volume mixer and turn the vagex volume off. If any other operating system, you can just turn the volume down on a video in the viewer and they will all become muted. Minmize the app, and it will run in your system tray, never bothering you. Leave the Viewer running on your computer and earn 1 credit for each video you view. Earn an extra credit if you Auto-Like and an extra credit if you Auto-Subscribe each video (must be logged in to work).

Uploading to Filesonic:

I’m sure all of you downloaded at least once a file from an upload site such as Filesonic, Rapidshare, Megaupload etc. but what do you think about making money this way? Filesonic can help you.Here you have a step by step guide.

Earn money with Filesonic
All you have to do is to register at Filesonic, a filehosting site that pays every time one of the files you uploaded on their sites is downloaded. And you can upload any types of files do you want: music, videos, games etc. There are several simple steps to start making money on Filesonic right now: 1. First you need to register on Filesonic. You can do this by clicking this : REGISTER ON FILESONIC 2. Even though you are just a simple user and you haven’t upgraded to premium, the there is no upload limit. So, you should go in your Filesonic account and in “Upload” menu where you can choose “Web upload”. 3. Now you can browse your computer for files to be uploaded. The principle of uploading is that the files you upload are stored on Filesonic servers so after you complete your upload and you are sure the process was a success you can delete the file from your computer if you have hard disk space problems. 4. After the uploading process is finished, you can go in “My files” menu and there, you will find a list with all your uploaded files. When you click on one of your files you will see a new space with several actions you can apply on your file such as “Copy”, “Move”, “Trash”and the most important thing is down where you have “Link” on your left side. 5. The link you have there is the link of the file you uploaded and is the one that allow anyone you send it to download that file. 6.Place that link where you want. Many people do it. I’m sure you’ve seen that on YouTube, they name a video and the title contains the “DOWNLOAD LINK” sentence that is placed in the description. You can do that and put in description the link to the song from the video or whatever you want. 7. Filesonic pays for every file downloaded, but it has some ways of payment influenced by the country where is the user that downloads your file. There are 4 categories of countries and a download from United States for example is worth more download points than a download from a C category like Romania.   8. Another important thing is that Filesonic allows you to choose a Payment plan. For that you need to go in the “My account” menu and select the submenu “Settings”. In the Affiliate Information section it will appear you can choose the way you want to receive the money: PayPal, Webmoney, AlertPay, you can write your Payment ID, and you can select the Payment Plan. You can choose from Pay Per Download, Pay Per Sale andPay Per Sale fixed 10. If you want to earn money each time someone downloads a file from you select Pay Per Download. At Free user download limit select 1 GB.To make the changes, you should go in Confirm Identity lower on the page and type your password. Then, you have to go in the email you used to register on Filesonic and you will receive an email where you can confirm the changes you made. 9. Filesonic pays weekly and the minimum payout is 15$. 10.Enjoy the Filesonic way of earning money and try to promote your files links as much as you can. Any questions? Comment below!