Friday, August 19, 2011

Express yourself!


I would love if you guys had a look at this blog: Blogyourselfonline

“Do you have something on your mind? Something you need to tell the world?

Maybe it’s a great idea. Maybe it’s a debate you want to start. Maybe you want to thank someone, for something special they’ve done for a group of people, animals and what not.


But you need a platform to do it!

You need someone to actually read what you have written.

Blogyourselfonline is that platform. The world has TONS of exellent bloggers, who blog regularly and thereby can keep up a steady reading crowd. What the world also has, is a lot of exellent point of views, from people who can write great blog posts – but they don’t have the time or means to do so.

This is where Blogyourselfonline can help. All the blog posts on this blog is written by guest bloggers, and thereby creating a central spot of the internet for free minded people to exchange thoughts, opnions, ideas etc. This is your chance to get YOUR word out!


How to express yourself on Blogyourselfonline:

  • Write an short essay about what you want to tell the world. This will be your blog entry.
    • The entry should be at least 200 words.
    • The entry must be understandable – Good spelling, and decent grammatics required.
    • No set topic – you can write about whatever you want to! However, entries containing topics found to be unethical may be rejected. (Racist or other similar hate etc.)
  • Youre entry contains the essay and a picture of yourself, or something that relates to your essay.
  • Mail the essay to:

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