Friday, August 19, 2011

USB Prank Device Will Make Your Office Mates Hate You


We're hesitant to tell anybody about the USB Computer Prankster, but since most of us work from home here [Ed. Note: Thanks, Lee], and thus aren't afraid of this thing being used on us, we'll just selfishly throw the rest of you to the wolves. While this little doohickey might appear to be a run-of-the-mill USBdrive, it's far more insidious. Those little switches on the side don't merely engage the Caps Lock function, keyboard, or mouse, but rather make them go totally haywire.

A cyber saboteur can sneak to your cubicle, plug this sucker in an out-of-the-way USB port, roll back the time delay, engage the switches, and escape -- by the time you're back at your desk with a fresh cup of coffee. Moments later, you're dragging a very important document into a very important folder, and your mouse cursor will lose control and bounce around the screen like a chihuahua on a meth binge.
You, of course, will freak out and start clicking away at the keyboard (which isn't responding, either), and -- as a result of your frayed nerves -- spill fresh coffee all over the unresponsive keyboard (and your lap). The document will be somewhere in the trash can, your keyboard fried, your smart new pantsuit brown and reeking of Maxwell House, and your hateful co-worker cackling somewhere in the breakroom. Of course, while you're running to the bathroom in order to hide your tears, your co-worker will slip back into your cubicle, and remove the Computer Prankster and, thus, all evidence.
It might not strike you as funny at the time, but believe us... When you're looking back years later, long after your boss has fired you for losing the Johnson file and being a coffee-spilling spazzoid, it'll be hilarious.

You can get it here:

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